Note to All…

I’ve made a number of changes to Deludia. All of them stem, in one way or another, from reader requests. First and foremost, we are now running on a very powerful server attached to a gigabit speed fiber connection to the Internet. This has sped the website pretty dramatically. Next, we’ve combined many Deludia functions into Facebook. Rather than snippets, entire posts can be read on the Deludia Facebook page and the comments written there are displayed as comments on the Deludia website, and vice versa. We have also instituted an open discussion forum. It uses reader’s Facebook login to permit access so no one needs to register, provide all sorts of personal information or go through an activation process. Just click on the Facebook button when choosing ‘login’ on the forum pages and you’re done. You can use your Twitter account the same way.

The forum is open discussion. It has a few categories: Treatment, Alternative Therapy, Neuropathy, Veteran, and General Discussion. It’s our intention to allow discussions and conversations to go unfettered by policies –we have no sponsors to please. I pay for all things Deludia out of my own pocket as a hobby and (hopefully) a service. As such, I have no agenda one way or another to cause me to want to control the tide of discussion.

I have always believed that people have an inaccurate perspective about people with cancer. There is an illusion that we are soldiers in a battle, modern day heroes totally focused on our illness. To the contrary, I believe that we’re people with an unfortunate turn of luck, but people none the less and that there is a lot more to our lives than the cancer. We’re regular people with dreams and goals, avocations and hobbies, family, friends, and other people we know whose lives include cancer as a part of it. But I also believe that like other aspects of live we’re engaged in, we should know as much as we can about our affliction and so I encourage information exchange.

That said, the information exchange need not be limited to cancer. The happenings in the lives of a cancer victim are important too, because it helps others understand that there most certainly is life after diagnosis. Anyway, I hope that people will take advantage of the facilities because I built them for you –the people who have, care for or care about people with Multiple Myeloma. I ask you to help spread the word and invite others to come and join us, and help build an open and honest source of information about who we are and the things we face, endure, or look forward to.

To look at the new forum, Click This Link. Click on the login prompt and then click the displayed Facebook link.


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