Not Much To Update

Well there’s not much to say – and that’s actually good.  I’m finishing up Cycle 7 of my maintenance chemo of 15mg rev and I’ve gotten off everything else.  No more Lyrica, no more Nortriptylene.  I think the Lyrica (the last to go) was actually causing the weight issues I was facing.  Since stopping I’ve dropped about 7 pounds.  I’m getting up early and doing my best to knock out a few pushups and situps but I can’t really say I’m “working out” but I’ll take it for now.  Unfortunately, I can’t play rugby (our Old Boys are into their 2nd match of the season and I’ve not been able to get out for one) so my effort to get fit (so I can embarrass myself on the pitch) is even gone!   But I’ll get there.

I’m considered to be in a complete remission now.  The maintenance won’t go away, but will decrease dosage at the end of the year and continue on as needed (slowly weaning off the teat of Revlimid).  I now see Mt Sinai every month (for bloodwork) but the doc every three.  I’m at DFCI every six months, just to keep them in the loop on how I’m doing.  I’m taking Zometa for protection, every three months though there has been some debate between the two doctors about how often that should be done.

So now life is getting back to normal and I consider myself lucky.  My son (7) has started his soccer (football) season and I was elected coach – rather, school marm.  I send out the emails, try to get everyone there on time, get the kids to kick the ball back and forth to each other until the real coach shows up and puts them into drills!  Now I get the biggest challenge of my life – explaining the concept of good sportsmanship to your seven year old!  Funny that daddy’s stories of rugby don’t quite cut it (“just because we lost 65-nil we didn’t storm off the field upset, rather we went to the pub and got cracking drunk together”)  I’m thinking of bringing juice boxes so that we can pass out drinks to the other team after the match but I’m not quite sure it will have the same effect as a nice pint or two.

Beyond that, work is extremely busy and the market here in the City sure is tough.  There are many people I know looking for work.  I consider myself luck to be busy and have a job – too many people I know that don’t have either.

Off to Mt Sinai tomorrow to get the blood checked, confirm my numbers and get my Rev renewal.  Hopefully I won’t be so long between postings next time.  Cheers…