Not much change.

I seem to have depressed everyone with my last two posts. It wasn’t my intention, but not glossing over stuff has that effect. Mike is pretty much the same. The hospital have given us (him) a different antibiotic to try as the sputum sample he gave then last week might possibly have had a bug resistant to the usual stuff, and as nothing else seems to be helping him, and he’s negative for every other bacteria and virus they checked for …….. Fingers crossed it improves things. 

The renal team meanwhile have stepped in to check whether Mike has enough underlying iron to even be able to produce red blood cells, again fingers crossed they find out he hasn’t and an infusion does the trick. 

After threatening to start Christmas I am happy to report that although the lights remain in the attic, I have bought Christmas presents for six! Only five to go….. make that six, I had better buy Mike something……

I will probably start on the cards Thursday while Mike gets his immunoglobulins. 

A photo of Toni, just because I can!