Not just man flu

I’ve had my usual Friday visit to Liverpool hospital today and I was told that the results of one of the viral checks had come back positive for Influenza A.

No wonder I haven’t been feeling very well over the last few weeks! I’m still coughing through the night and they have given me some medicine that I have to breath in like a Ventolin for Asthma to take twice a day. Hopefully that will help clear it up quicker.

Another problem that I have is more Graft V Host Disease. I mentioned the rash on my last post, well even though I put my double base cream on this morning before going to the hospital, by the time I got to see them, my skin had dried up and the rash was clearly visible. By the time I got home my skin was flaking all over the place. I smothered myself in the cream again and I have some Eumovate steroid cream for the worst areas, which is my arms at the moment. Normally I would have 40mg of steroids tomorrow as part of my Lenalidomide regime, but they have suggested I take 10mg over four days to see if that helps with the GVHD.

So I’m not having a good time at the moment, I could do with a few weeks of at least feeling OK. It seems that I get some good news and then something else happens. I keep having to remind myself that it can’t last forever, it will eventually go and and then I might get some kind of normality back.

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