Not great news

Well, just called the nurse since my doctor is still on vacation, to get my labs. I’m really disappointed. My Absolute neutrophils are great 1980, but my m protein went up to .9, that’s a big jump for me and definitely not good. My kappa light chains went up slightly to 890. So, now what ? Obviously the  drug Pomalyst is not doing anything so, I guess we will have to discuss switching . Or maybe adding Velcade ? Geez, I don’t know. But having my monoclonial protein jump up scares me. So…

The SCCA doctor,Dr Caffey, suggested when these drugs stop working going to cyborg. I know that’s velcade, but not sure what else is in that combo.

So, I’m definitely concerned. Plus, now I have a disclocated jaw and am having to wear a splint. For a week to see if it’ll go back in on its own. Nothing feels different so I’m not sure it’s doing anything except keeping me from eating. Liquids are ok but not much else.

Plus it’s bulky and hard to talk even.

Talk about depressed. Oh, well , we’ll see what he says next week. Actually both doctors. Not fun?