Not Going Home Tomorrow – Good & Bad

So going home tomorrow is a no go. But hopefully it will be soon. The good news is that they think the chemo is actively killing the myeloma cells. The bad news is that’s a heavy load on Dad’s kidneys which aren’t in the best shape to begin with.  They are pumping Dad with fluids to help with the kidney function so they are keeping him a bit longer.  Mom says he looks all puffed up. They made some jokes about it, referring to him as looking like Eddie Murphy in the Nutty professor and some other puffy people.

He is having a blood transfusion tonight and a platelet transfusion tomorrow. The chemo kills good cells as well as bad so he’s going to get some new good ones. Also, Dad’s blood sugar is pretty low which is good. yayy!

Most of this is second hand from Mom. I haven’t seen anything uploaded with actual counts. But I’m remaining positive :) And it seems like Mom and Dad are too. This round of the hospital doesn’t seem so bad and they have been joking around on the phone and singing silly songs. It’s good to hear.

More About The “Hotel”

It seems like they keep finding more and more good things at MD Anderson. Mom says that they have a whole schedule of classes from yoga to painting and she’s thinking about going tomorrow with Dad. The OnDemand has some “how tos” and she’s been watching how to do a therapeutic massage (apparently the key is in two hands!)

Mom also found some shopping she likes. She said, “it’s almost normal. I go shopping and he walks around.”

Their nurse today was Alley and they said she was super nice. They really like her.

Mom Passed Her Test

She’s officially certified to clean Dad’s port. But she said that the woman who gave her the test was really, really mean. Mom says that if she was a 70 yr old lady, she would have cried! But Mom was really nice because she reallllly wanted to pass.  The other nurses said that that woman is mean and scares everyone!

Cat Drama

When Mom went home yesterday, the cat had a black gross infected paw! She took him to the vet today and they can him some antibiotics for it. They said that it was an infected claw and that he would be ok.

Anna Banana

As many of you know, I have Anna with me here in Mass. She’s been very good and we’ve been to Vermont, New Hampshire and all through the Boston area. She’s obsessed with Bam Bam the guinea pig and loves to go to the beach. She’s in camp for this week at the YMCA.  :) She’s telling everyone she’s from Massachusetts and is learning to use “Wicked” a lot. It’s also nice to have a shopping buddy.


I just wanted to say thanks so much for everyone’s support. I’m happy to see everyone’s comments and I’m glad to know so many people are thinking of us and keeping us in their prayers.  We love you all.

On a personal side note – Michael had a job interview today! (and yes he cut his hair and shaved) We think it went really good and we are keeping our fingers crossed.