Nope. Not Going Home.

I talked with momma. Dad is not going home soon. His kidney function is not where it needs to be and so they are keeping him. The one thing that they are worried about is the potassium again.

Here’s what the doctors have to say about his overall kidney function – “Likely some component of chronic kidney insufficiency given that creatinine was above 2 well over 1 month ago. This is likely due to his myeloma, and may be the result of cast nephropathy. The fact that his creatinine has improved somewhat with hydration is somewhat heartening. The elevation of his BUN is of unclear significance and etiology at this time.” (Thanks MD Anderson for giving me a direct line.)

Makes me think this kidney issue will be a chronic problem.  If any has low potassium recipes, send ‘em over.

Dad’s Reaction

Dad’s very upset he has to stay. According to Mom, he went off on the nurses and told them all he was being kept for his money. LOL.

Mom’s Reaction

Mom went shopping. And she had Diana and Ron come over for PF Changs and wine in the observatory.  Mom says she fixed the piano and got it to play lots of new songs.

Diana sent me a video (Lol mom’s on the phone with me talking about the bad things Dad has been eating that are high in Potassium). It’s just basically the observatory and the piano.

Other Tid Bits

Cindy and Kathy (my Dad’s sisters) are coming soon. So that should be interesting if Dad’s still in the hospital.

Mom says that Dad has 19 prescriptions and that managing them is a full time job. YIKES!

I’m taking Anna to see the Salem Witch Museum.  :)