Non c’e due senza il tre

Translation:  There is no two without three

So here’s my logic.  Three times he had his stem cell harvesting appointment and three times it got cancelled.
Back in March it was cancelled because of the testicle problem.
Back in May/June because of the lymph nodes.
And yesterday we found out that it was scheduled a third time for mid September.  Well, guess what, he now has pneumonia.
So, I believe that this is our last brick wall towards getting those stem cells harvested.

Yesterday morning when I first saw him, his breathing was not the same.  He felt warm to the touch from head to toe.   I hunted the doctor down on the floor and he listened to his lungs and guess what?  Fluid buildup. But, no fever.  So off to CT scan (not xray) he goes to get confirmation.  Both lower lungs show the infection.  Do we stop chemo? is the question of the hour.
Well, since chemo kills his immunity, it seems pretty obvious, but we still had one doctor seriously thinking about doing both chemo and antibiotics… the end, it was stopped in the afternoon :(
His blood work did show that he was responding to the chemo, which is good news.  He only received 50% of the required dosage.  So the plan is to re assess him in the next couple of days and decide then.
In the meantime, my stress levels have been up the roof.  Today just did me in.  My blood pressure was 151/98.  Not good.  What scared me was my lightheadedness.  I decided to go downstairs to emergency to check it out.  While in emergency, Robert texts me to say that he spilled water and the nurse was changing him and she pulled at his nephrostomy cord and broke the connection!!!!!  OMG  What else can go wrong today.  It was leaking all over him.  Back upstairs I go to check things out.  This is a direct open line to his kidney.  (left side)  Not exactly a good thing to happen. Open wounds like infections.  Radiology can’t come till Monday so they consulted with urologist and they did a makeshift pouch to collect urine.  Not impressed.
In the meantime, it was time for me to go home.  One of Tony’s oncologists on call noticed my name in Emergency and called my cell to check up on me!  Awe, how sweet is that?  At 10:00pm!
God bless you Dr. A.
I am glad to say that I had the best sleep and rest of my life.  With the help of a little pill.
The night shift crew (Paola & Fior) watching Tony reported that he was coughing up lots of phlegm and was breathing better.
Still needing those prayers everyone.