No Way! Can’t Be Possible! I Have a Broken Rib!


What a day today! OMG! Getting my new bone strengthener Zometa IV, and then down to Urgent Care for consultation and Xrays on my painful Left side rib chest area, where I think I strained, sprained, tweaked, pulled, spasm-ed a muscle! I really didn’t think I could have broken or fractured a bone from repressing, suppressing a sudden choke, cough, sneeze when driving home from my Darzalex infusion last Tuesday…

But what was I thinking this last week with all the crazy intense pain I endured for a week so far? Well I wasn’t thinking smart, I was in denial. I really didn’t believe, me cowgirl Julie, could “break” a bone. I always secretly think I’m Dominating myeloma, Not myeloma dominating me. Honestly, even with all my Myeloma damage, I really didn’t think it was, or would be my story. Blame it on being “Blonde” or the “chemo fog” :))

Yes, just slam me with reality Xray results, as I do in fact have a Broken Bone! Never in all of my lifetime, broke anything. Even with all my outdoor sports, horse riding activities and events with my kids! Never ever had I broken a bone. Well I did, I broke, fractured a left rib with my crazy swallowing water the wrong way, then trying to suppress, repress the ensuing all-in-one choke, cough, sneeze, so I wouldn’t blast water all over my car’s dash! I broke my rib doing that! Seriously, laugh with me… I’m “dying laughing” here!!! :)) See my previous post for the ridiculous story. Next time, actually hopefully never another next time, but next time, I’ll spit that water out all over whatever or whomever is near me :))

I shouldn’t be surprised, right. I am riddled with Myeloma bone lesions, holes, holey tumors, lytic lesion tumors from my skull to my lower legs! Maybe to my toes? Holes to my toes. LOL. But the irony friends… Here I was at my very first Zometa IV treatment to Strengthen my bones, and then a few hours later, I find out I have bizarrely broken a bone, a rib! OMG, can my life get more ridiculous and ironic? Hello vicious myeloma complications.

Yep! The evidence!

When consulting with the Urgent Care Dr, I candidly tell my story as if I was talking about someone else. I still feel all this just couldn’t be happening to me! He and others tell me they, “can’t believe how positive, up-beat, fun, funny”, and in his words” with amazing energy” I am, not to mention I “look “normal” lol. As he reviews my complex medical records, he says it just don’t fit the person in front him. I Quickly Clarify that I took 20mg of Dexamethasone steroids much earlier, “so you’re getting the extra animated, fully energized, “Dexified” Julie today”. I even cheated and only took 20mg today, as all this muscle wasting, muscle pains and strains side effects are concerning me regarding the high dose 40mg Dex. Indeed, the external misrepresents the internal disaster…

Yes, last Tuesday, July 3, I was driving myself home from my Darzalex IV infusion, and swigged too much water in one gulp, causing me to choke, and need to cough, sneeze and spit out all at the same time, and unbeknownst to me, by suppressing this craziness, just to save my car dash I break a rib! Really this did happen. I broke a Rib, suppressing a monster choke! Never again, I’ve learned the lesson about my fragility.

Then for a few days, high on 40 Dex, I have fun on July 4th, feeling the pain buried under the false pretenses of steroids, but I was still able to carry on. Did I mention, I even scooped horse apples in the arena, took care of the other animals, did some watering of our yard, which involved pulling the hose around, took our 27+ year old Box Turtle to the Vet to have his nails and beak trimmed, and did a zillion other “normal” chores around our house, etc… Until suddenly, Dex, Advil, Tylenol and Flexeril wore off, and reality slammed me! Ouuuuchie… OMG I really do hurt, hence my Urgent Care visit today. Dex steroids dulled the pain, but Xrays don’t lie! I have a stikn broken rib!

Yep, loaded up on “fix that rib supplies” tonight. My kind Dr asked me what kinds of meds he could prescribe to help me out, and mentioned all the “big dogs”. I thanked him, but said no thanks, as I didn’t want to add a new Rx to the mix, that may cause some new side effect. OTC meds have helped out to this point, with the lovely Wintergreen scented patches and good ol Bengay! Can you even imagine if I had an upper GI reax to strong pain meds, and my body wanted to vomit? OMG the pain in the ribs, muscles trying to retch! I don’t even want to think about it!

So thanks to Dex steroids, I’ll get thru the night, if I can ever get sleepy lol, and I see what tomorrow brings. Will be interesting to see what, if any, side effects I have from the Zometa… please “cancer angels”, look out for me…

And thought you’d enjoy the shock and awe of my 21 days of Pomalyst invoice:

And I remember seeing the retail cost of my Darzalex infusion around the same amount. Thank you awesome Kaiser insurance for keeping me alive!

Super awesome chemo lab treats today :))
Just perfect for animal lover me!

Huge huge thank yous to my wonderful chemo nurses! 
Thank you for being a huge component to why I am still here :))
And huge thank yous to my wonderful Urgent Care Dr tonight.

One more point of gratefulness. I wound up seeing a bunch of my friends, colleagues, students, tonight, from my good ol college of employment of 35 years! Seemed more like a summer reunion today, tonight, then being at a medical clinic receiving jaw dropping news, say whaaat news!

Ok, Dex steroids, time to chill and let me go to bed… wonder what tomorrow and tomorrow will bring… May I please have a boring life for a while Myeloma…

Live happy, live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, 
with someone or something as often as you can!