No Place Like Home – December 28 2011

I slept like a rock last night from 7 PM to 4:30 AM. My chest wall is SORE to the touch – I guess driving all day yesterday was a workout for very unused muscles. I still have a bit of neuropathy in fingertips, especially on my left hand. I’ve continued to take my L-Glutamine protein powder 3 times a day and I think that is helping. My tongue and taster are off — but, no matter, there is NO PLACE LIKE HOME!
Happily, the internet and television were restarted this morning. Technology is hard to be without in this day and age.Jani and I took Zoe and Kemmer up the Mine Hill in Jonah (1999 Honda Passport) and parked. We walked along the BLM Road toward the Mackay Dam. Since I still have a blood clot in my heart, we just strolled along the mostly flat road at an elevation of 6,230 feet. I took my finger heart rate/puls ox monitor and my pulse never exceeded 90. I don’t see the doctor until January 4 2012. Don’t know who was happier – me or the dogs running free!It was spitting snow and a huge cloud bank covered Mt. McCaleb (behind Jani below). No wind and it was not cold.
Our walk route maps. I only walked 0.25 miles and then back to Jonah for a total of 0.5 miles. Jani and the dogs walked on without me and then I drove in Jonah to pick them up. So, Jani’s total distance was 1 mile. Wonderful to be OUT in the Big Lost River Valley – Making a bee line for the Mine Hill was a the top of my list.