No news is not always good news

I haven’t written for some time. The main reason is that it’s not fun to write things that aren’t fun to read. To make the story complete, I will just fill in the missing facts.

Last week, om Thursday the 28th I had a checkup in Utrecht. A standard checkup, draw some blood and a consult. Els has decided to accompany me from now on. I am taking more painkillers lately. And though I love to drive, I can now hand over the wheel if necessary. During my checkup I was asked if it was possible to take a bi opt. We decided to let it happen directly, to get it over with. So they took 4 pieces from the spot in my pubic area.

Last Saturday it seemed that my right leg had become thicker. I decided to see what would happen, but on Sunday it hadn’t gotten any better. So I decided to call my brother , who is a doctor, on Monday to hear if this was alarming. He said I had to take action right away, so we found ourselves an hour later in Amsterdam in the ER. After an ultrasound they established that there was no indication of DVT. Also an infection was not very likely. This Friday we will be in Utrecht for further checks and instructions.

I also decided to stop my work as a web-master for my patients community. It all becomes a little too much. Pity, because I really enjoyed doing this.