No more What’s That!?!

Are we really up to week 8? Are you all bored with the game now? I suspect we have all had enough of it by now, so last week will be the last.

I better put you all out of your misery and provide the solution to the second picture from last week, as I suspected the first was super easy, the second one had you all stumped.

Yes the second photo was some of the card making kit that I bought from Lidl for the grand price of £1.49. For that I got four cards and envelopes and a load of things to stick on. Yes that’s right, I’ve started getting ready for Christmas and as I blogged the photo last week I believe that means I was first to mention it Little Miss Ho Ho Ho.

I am of course now kicking myself for not buying more. I hadn’t realised how easy it was to make your own cards and make them very individual at the same time. I would love to share them with you, but that would spoil the surprise when your very own card makes it’s way to you.

If any of our readers have any good ideas for home made presents or wants a Lorna original for Christmas, just leave us a message. As I mentioned before, all comments are moderated and so if you do leave us a private message we will never publish it’s contents.

I’ll leave you all with a pic of my home made toffee. It’s the everlasting, stick your teeth together stuff that we always had as kids for Bonfire Night. (There was no such thing as Halloween when I was a girl.) At least it should keep those pesky trick or treaters quiet.