No I Don’t Love you Myeloma

Happy Valentine’s Day-

C’mon Myeloma, show me a little love… I don’t want to be your “sweetheart” host anymore! Can you please Stop loving me and my cells so much, and Start loving the chemo presents I’m sending your way. This is getting so ridiculous. Here’s a quick snapshot of my life, as my Nurse and Dr have been calling and emailing me re my most recent labs. Hello Neutropenia.

My Dr suspects Pom is bringing my CBCs down too low, so time to stop Pomalyst. Only had 2 more doses left in the cycle anyway, so it’s good bye Pom. More labs tomorrow, Wednesday, then consult appointment on Thursday. As I’ve mentioned, I haven’t ever done a triplet cocktail before, so looks like Velcade, Pom and Dex are just too much for my fragile immune system. 3 is not a charm for me. Ugh, this is getting tiresome and worrisome.

And take a look at this one that just showed up. IgA and M Protein tests still “curing” in the lab.

Beta 2 Microglobulin results

And then…

After the recent storms here, this random and beautiful little surprise came my way just in time for Valentine’s Day! The rushing creek sent a huge log past our property, and as the water subsided, it became stuck in the creekbed right behind us. And right along side the log, was this perfectly carved heart shaped rock. When wet, it’s a beautiful dark color. As it’s dried out, it’s more of a dark grey pink granite. What a story it must have to tell. Think of all the years of tumbling and erosion that carved this heart shaped rock “just for me” :)) The big log too, had a heart shaped cut, where the tree had been previously cut. Wow, hearts surround me!

My kids always ask me “what I want”… “what would make me happy”… “what do I need”… “what can they do for me”… well, as they know, I’m a pretty satisfied, fulfilled, content person… so other than chemo working and myeloma back in control, I tell them I would love acres of green pastures to rescue horses and all types of animals, and I’d like one of  these too :)) 

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with those you love,
and I will post my new plan on 2.17.17
Thank you for following, reading, and caring as you do! 

Live happy,
live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, with someone or something
as often as you can!