Newbury Bars….Zeppe’s, Ramble Inn and Hickory Lake Tavern with My Boys!

I went to dinner with Amy, Kirk, the girls and Archie on Friday night.

Had a nice Lake Erie Perch dinner.  Afterwards, Kirk, the girls and Archie left.

Amy and I met some old friends in the bar….. Craig, Dan and Bob.  I haven’t seen these guys for probably 40 years!  Too much fun! Zeppe’s

Kirk, being the dutiful husband let us have our fun and picked us up later.

Craig and Dan


On Saturday “morning” (12:30 pm), Craig called to say that he was on the way….Went to 2 old favorites….  Hickory Lake Tavern and Ramble Inn.  Such fun memories!  And to top it all off, it began to snow!