New Year’s Eve

Happy 2013 one and all.

I had a delightful evening.

I went to watch the fireworks on a rooftop on Soho, drank champagne and shouted ‘Happy New Year’ to the people on the other rooftops imagining them to be chimney sweeps in a Mary Poppins sort of way. Hang on, that was 2009.

It will come to me… I went to my friends’ house, had a few drinks and then went to a club that also acts as a sweat box. I also wore this. This is a lace body and tights by the way.


Silly me, that was 2010.

It will come to me… I started my day working, had more drinks than I should have done in the Buckingham Arms, forgot to lock the pesky disabled toilet and somebody walked in on me, got home and ate four portions of dry pasta so I could start my night. Out I went with The Joggers for a drink before seeing in midnight watching my friends’ perform. I believe we then returned to the sweat box. I definitely got drunk, because I looked like this.


Balderdash, that was 2011.

It will come to me… I went to my friend’s house for a dinner party where I happened to get ridiculously drunk. After dinner, we went to a house party and then to another house, leading to me getting in at 11:30hrs. Mean drunk Emma also came out to play, before she did though, I looked something like this.


Fiddlesticks, that was last year.

I know what happened now… Yesterday, I had to travel into London for treatment and I did just that with Mamma Jones and my niece before I forced them to be day tourists in London. I was full of energy at the start of the day, but by 17:00hrs the energy had been spent and I was feeling melancholy. In the evening I received some rather lovely text messages, which planted a seed and at approximately 20:30hrs, I had a very wet temper tantrum. I know it was wet because I had to blow my nose on my blouse. Shortly after 21:00hrs, I fell asleep and I remained so until approximately 02:00hrs when I awoke to find more text messages on my phone. So, there was no countdown for me last night and no celebration. I did not feel like celebrating and even if I did, my body would not allow it.

For all the tears yesterday night, I have to remember that I had a lovely day. I got to go to St James’ Park, I got to go on a train, I got to see the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree and I ate dim sum. It was a nice day, despite having to have treatment in the morning. Yesterday then, before the tears and the lethargy, looked something like this and that is what I will remember. I will make myself.