New test results and other bits of news

As you may recall, my April “andrographolide” results were disappointing, although some MM markers did improve. But my IgG jumped up quite a bit.

But now, incredibly, in just three months, and in spite of ALL the stress I’ve been under in the past weeks, my new, August test results are, well, excellent!!! My IgG has gone down to less than it was in 2012. Obviously, it’s still high, but it’s back to where I prefer it to be. 🙂

So I’m pleased. VERY pleased. Incidentally, all I took in this period was curcumin (the usual 8  grams a day) and Reishi, which has done well for me for the second time. Looks like I’m going to be taking Reishi forever!

So that’s some very good news…

Another topic. HOLIDAYS! Stefano and I have been sort of talking about going on holiday this year. Last year we didn’t have a holiday because, as you may remember, one of our cats, my beloved Piccolo, became seriously ill, and in fact we had to have him put to sleep in early September. My sweet boy…still miss him terribly.

Anyway, back to the point: we haven’t had a holiday in two years. So we’d recently been talking about going somewhere in Europe, and our choice fell on Scotland. We’ve only been to Edinburgh and, briefly, the Scottish Borders. Never been to the Highlands, Skye, etc.

We made our flight reservations, but then we found out about Peekaboo, and that whole process began. We didn’t think we’d be able to leave, but of course our priority was Peekaboo’s health…

As if cancer isn’t enough: a couple of days ago, I saw Peekaboo walking a bit “funny,” and then she screamed out in pain. Have you ever heard a cat scream in pain? Let me tell you, it scared the bejeezers out of me! I took her over to the vet hospital immediately, and they found a herniated disk. OUCH!!!

That’s all poor Peekaboo needed, after all she’s been through. So now she’s on an anti-inflammatory drug, which has anti-tumoral effects, too…

She’s not moving very much, but the vets told me that she should be out of the acute phase in a couple of days.

Luckily for us, we have a fabulous cat sitter who will be coming over a couple of times a day, plus our next door neighbor (one of my best friends) is going to check on the kitties every day, plus our vets have practically ORDERED us to go on holiday (seriously, they did!), plus, if anything happens (knock on wood!), the vet clinic will send someone over to the house to check on any of the cats…

So we’re all set, and we’re leaving for Scotland. Tomorrow, as it happens. I still can’t believe it…

My blog will be going on holiday with me. I won’t have a proper computer while we’re in Scotland, just an iPad, so it would be difficult for me to post anything. I’m going to take a break from everything, basically.

I will be checking Facebook, though, where my blog has its own Page (same name, Margaret’s Corner blablabla), so if you need/want to reach me, or if you just want to say “Hi,” please “like” that Page and drop me a note. Thanks!

(I love the “Keep Calm” messages…hehe.)

In the meantime, have a look at this interesting Science Daily report that a blog reader sent to me. It’s about the all-important issue of curcumin bioavailability…Yes, a rather unexpected, new delivery method has been found:

Take care, everyone! Ciao!