New Raccoon Kids and Some Gorgeous Sunsets

Mama FINALLY brought her 3 kids for a visit.  They’re THISCLOSE to eating out of my hand.  They watch intently as I feed their mama.

This is the 5th or 6th generation for us.  Looking back, the babies always appear in threes in Mid-July.  They give me such great pleasure.

Mama hates these hot summer months, as she can’t get my attention.  We keep the a/c on and the house closed up.  Spring and Fall, we have the house open to get a breeze through the screen doors.  We’ll be watching TV and hear a “rap rap rap”.  It’s my girl knocking on the screen door on her back legs looking in.

Sadly with the doors closed, we can’t hear her knocking.  (Thus, I’m constantly getting up and peeking out the window)

We’ve been having KILLER sunsets this past week.  Glorious!