New myeloma treatments!

I was very interested to see this article from the Myeloma Beacon today. It’s about new myeloma treatments under development. It lists eight (eight!!!) anti-myeloma drugs under development, and one drug to prevent bone loss in smoldering patients. I have to admit that the scientific-ness of the article lost me, and I couldn’t stop thinking how the names of the new drugs sound like locations in the Star Wars universe.

GUY IN A HELMET: I come from the Planet Daratumumab in the Oprozomib Galaxy!
GUY IN A HELMET II: That means you’re the sworn enemy of the Lorvotuxumab Mertansine.
GUY IN A HELMET: Yes it does. (Kills other guy with his light saber.)

Cut me some slack; I’m an English major. And I guess I don’t have complete respect for Star Wars, because I know Jay would give the characters better names than “Guy In A Helmet.” On the other hand, I think I write better dialogue than George Lucas does.

My point, and I do have one, is that I’m glad there are non-English-majors who are keeping on top of these things.