New diet directions

I’ve been hearing about how a ketogenic diet can kill cancer cells.  It’s used for kids with epilepsy, to control seizures.  Read about it here:

I’m seriously planning on doing this, starting soon.  Having not had a very good MRI report this week, the good Dr. W wants to start me on chemo drugs soon so I told him about this diet and asked for a six month reprieve so I can start it and see if it can bring my numbers down. 

This is not going to be easy!  (or maybe it will be?)  This diet involves eating no carbohydrates at all.  Zero.  It’s mainly meat, fish and vegetables, with a majority of the calories coming from (good) fats.  Actually, I think it could be quite yummy.  I’ve already ordered up a cookbook.  And as long as I can still have my cheesy omelets full of stir fried mushrooms and veg, I’ll be happy.

But having been a carb addict all of my life really, this is going to be something of a major challenge.  My earliest memories of sugar/carb addiction were from when I was a baby and we were fed that Gerber custard pudding — I can still remember the taste of that stuff!  Unhealthy and full of sugar for sure, but the tastiest stuff ever.  That was the start of my lifelong love of sugar.

I have a good friend with MCS who already eats this way, because, she says, it’s the only way she feels good.  So perhaps it won’t be so hard after all?  And with the threat of chemo drugs hanging over my head, I think that will be a major incentive to stick with it.  “Now Joy, which would you rather have — this nice sweet treat and a bunch of chemotherapy, or this piece of celery and almond butter and no chemotherapy?”  A no brainer! 

We shall see.  Watch this space.