New Deer & Doe Patterns!

Datura blouse

 Loads of cute details to play with here!  I rather fancy using this pattern as the basis for a refashioned man’s shirt.  But I bet it could be squeezed out of less than a yard of fabric – what a stashbuster it could be!  

Chardon skirt

The skirt is a similar bell-shape to the Kelly, but without all those pesky buttonholes.  Great to define a waist  / disguise a pouting tummy / give shape to a flat bottom.

In other words, my kind of skirt!

Reglisse dress

This dress is very youthful.. I imagine it made up in a plethora of flowing viscose prints, or silk if you are so-inclined.  Ooh – Libery Tana lawn!

But it’s probably not for me.  I would worry too much about that flippy short skirt in the wind.  I really need to move somewhere with less gales!

I see that some of the fabrics used in the samples are available to buy online, so you can recreate the original -that’s a really good selling point for those of us who struggle to make wise fabric choices.

And they come in English too!
From Deer & Doe.
I’ll race you there!