New course

Yesterday I was back at the hospital. Monday, after a bad night with a fever, I had already been in the ward. This visit, however, was in relation to an earlier appointment to discuss the CT scan I had the 31st of July. There had been a discussion with the radiotherapist and the hematology team. The outcome was not good. The courses of Velcade with Revimid have not had any effects on the ‘blasts’, so we’re stopping those. The big risk factor now is the blasts that are developing in my liver. Apart from those there are spots along the aorta and my right kidney. Radiation therapy isn’t possible on the liver without doing severe damage. However, the hematology team suggested that chemotherapy with Doxorubicine (Adriamycine) could be effective in reducing the blasts. I decided in the same visit to start the chemo. I was able to move to the day treatment area a little later, where I received the highest dose. After a miserable evening I managed to get a reasonable night’s sleep and am currently feeling rather alright, considering. If this works, it will work for all spots, so it’s time to cross my fingers. In the best case there would be some respite or a slowing of the advance. We’re hoping for some extra time.
(Too tired to translate. Thanks, Thomas)