New Additions to the Vogt Family

January 2008

The twins are here and running things rather well. Eric III and Caitlyn arrived on Dec. 1. We had a learning curve with their parents to adjust to their every need! Their sisters, Annika and Kierstin are a big help and we go over to their home in Temecula to help often.

Haley will be 16 in Feb. and is driving very well with her learners permit.

Grandpa and Haley taking a ride with Grandpa’s Christmas toy to deliver grapefruit and oranges to our neighborhood friends.

Granddaughter Annika has really grown. She is in pre-school and will be 5 in February. Her older sister Kierstin, her cousins Haley and Hannah also have February birthdays!


We just came home from sharing a wonderful Thanksgiving with them. We will be going back Monday for the delivery of the twins. Exciting times.

Hannah is very talented, especially with her art projects. She is a straight A student this semester and is doing very well in her first year in junior high.

Her older sister Haley is now driving with a permit and only with direct adult supervision. She is also a straight A student in her sophomore year in high school. Haley is very involved with varsity football cheerleading team.

Mike, Pam, Haley and Hannah have a Colorado River vacation home for their party boat and quads. We enjoy the time we spend with them there. It is 20 miles north of Yuma, AZ.

I am still in remission after 4 years since tandem auto stem cell transplants. I was on a low dose maintenance but stopped altogether last summer. I get full testing every month to monitor trends with my oncologist.

Life is spectacular and full of promise. My wife Bonnie and I enjoy each day and all it brings to us.

Del Mar, our favorite place to go for summer and fall vacations.