New Action With Dom- Blood Transfusions and a Hospital Stay

Hey gang!

It’s been pretty rough around here. 

On Wed. the 29th, he needed 2 units of blood in a transfusion.  His body has quit producing blood.  Either the myeloma cells or something else going on in his bone marrow.  To be determined.

After a few days, he felt like a new man.

THEN…This past week, he couldn’t get out of bed on Wed. or Thursday.  Weak.  Nauseous.  Diarrhea kicked in Friday morning.

His Oncologist had me take him to the ER at Slidell Memorial Hospital on Friday.

They admitted him that afternoon.  He needed yet ANOTHER unit of blood.  He needed Potassium and Electrolytes.

I came in on Sat. morning to find out that they were moving him to the Cardiac Step-Down unit.  They found an enzyme in his blood that could affect the heart.
They wanted to keep an eye on him.

Now he’s in ISOLATION in the Cardiac Unit.  Gowns, gloves and masks worn by everybody.

He’s got quite the team of specialists.  I met a Kidney Specialist this morning.  He explained that Creatine should be a 1.  Dom is a 2.5   Dialysis is needed at 5.  He ordered an ultrasound of his kidneys and bladder.

Then an Infectious Diseases doctor came in.  She said that he has some type of bacteria in his blood.  She’s THINKING E Coli.  They’re also testing him for C-Diff.  Bacterial infection in his colon.  Pretty creepy stuff.

He’s got a Neurologist on the team.  Trying to deal with his Neuropathy.

Also a doctor of Internal Medicine.  She ordered Occupational and Physical Therapy.  “Use it or lose it, Mr. Manzo”.  I told the PT to work him hard!

Sooo…  our daughter flew in this afternoon.  When she showed up at the hospital, I left.  She’ll be a great help!  I’m tickled that she’s here.

I was sobbing yesterday.  He was almost incoherent.  No tears today, just smiles.  I like the new team of doctors!  I’m impressed with this hospital, too!

They need to keep an eye on a few things, but he was very engaging today!