Neutrophils up!

So, good news. My neutrophils are just under 1400 so he said start Pomalyst. So that makes the cycle , 3 weeks on two weeks off. Not bad, as long as its bringing my KLC down. We shall see in a month.

Its still hot, but not as bad. It’s around 95 today.

B is off with my son to help at the High Sierra Festival. He gets free tickets in exchange. It’s terribly expensive. I’m not sure how people afford these things but it’s sold out. Anyway, I don’t do large crowds or music like that. But he has a super nice place to park the tent trailer so that’ll be nice for them. I have tons of food packed for them and my son also bought a bunch.

Today, I was going to go to Old Navy but my little coffee klatch is at 11:30 so that’s not enough time to get down there, shop and get back. So we will go tomorrow. Fun!!

well, I’m off to do some laundry and tidy up.