Neulasta Injection – April 19 2012

Jani drove me to UCH this morning for a Neulasta injection in the back of my right arm which will help recover my bone marrow from all the chemotherapy I had with the 2nd Cycle of VD-PACE 13-17 April 2012. I was careful to remember to take Claritin 10 mg prior – hopefully, to reduce the bone and muscle pain associated with Neulasta.
We were in and out in 20 minutes and the Valet Parking had our car close, so we were home before 11 AM. I told Jani we should buy a Lotto Ticket with this kind of luck.

Came home and walked 0.52 miles in 16 1/2 minutes up and down the street here. Kemmer walks with me so nicely without the leash.