Nephrostomy Decision

Tony had a terrible night sleep at the hospital.  They put him in a ward (4 beds).  One patient was not mentally with it and created situations throughout the night and day.  But that is expected in a hospital. Cannot really sleep well with constant interruptions.
At 1pm yesterday, they took him down to radiology and the procedure went really well.  The only pain he felt was the needle to numb him. He was awake throughout the entire procedure.  The decision was to keep the left side as an internal by removing the exterior parts attached and they kept the tubes inside. The right one is where the “infection” was so they removed the exterior and created a second hole and replaced the tubes.  The radiologist believes by looking at the wound that it was inflamed and most likely irritated We were told to keep the wounds dry, changing the bandages daily and frequently as needed when moisture builds up.  He is passing urine normally.  A bit red, but expected due to the irritation regarding the procedure.  This morning it’s a more normal colour.
A few days ago, we noticed that the wound area with regards to the testicle removal was swollen.  The urologist showed up at 7pm to check up on Tony and she’s not sure what’s going on there.  Could be the tumours or fluid build up.  Unless the nephrostomy wounds heal, we cannot begin chemo.  It is scheduled for October 21.  In the meantime, he is on two antibiotics.
He was released last night and had a good rest in his own bed.
One day at a time.