Neon is the New Black

I could not wait to show you how my linen stitch cowl is turning out.
Ka-pow! Ka-ping!
Watch those neon sparks fly!

I am so excited by this project that I have set everything else aside (except possibly coffee) to work on it.
Linen stitch is incredibly time-consuming.  Each row seems to take an age.
But the effect is of an almost woven fabric:  wonderfully dense and squishy with those pop pop pops of neon colour – I just love it so much!

My knitting has fallen into an entirely new rhythm in response to the slip-and-wrap movement of this pattern.
So it is entirely appropriate that I am storing it in a new knitting bag which I won from Carmen of the Tapgurl podcast, after taking part in her Summer of Socks.
(Tap?  Rhythm?  Get it?)
Thank you so much, Carmen!

If neon is my new black, podcasts may be my new blogs.
I am a notoriously late adopter of new technologies and media.  I definitely do NOT “do” F-book, Tweeter or Instantgram.  My phone is the old-fashioned sort that doesn’t even have a camera in it.  I do not have an i-pod, pad, or piddle.
As a result, I move much more slowly through the interwebs than you hip kids with your fancy mobile devices ;)
My consumption of blogs had reached saturation point.  If I had carried on as I was going, I would have stopped knitting and sewing altogether, because I was spending all my free time looking at what other people were doing instead of doing it myself.  And I was trying to read so many blogs, I rarely took the time to leave a comment – mea culpa, guilty as charged.  
It had to end.
Luckily, at about the same time as I was reaching this conclusion, something happened in blog-land.  Sponsorship, branding and monetising all took off in a big way.  The independent and the individual started to be replaced by the bland and repetitive.  Kestrel Makes is hosting a discussion on this topic if you are interested – many of the comments are fascinating.
The upshot is that I have cut my blog-reading time quite severely.
Instead, I have discovered the joy of knitting podcasts.

I can listen to an audio podcast and knit or sew at the same time.
A video podcast has the advantage of gasp moving pictures of other people’s knitting!
And while there are a significant number of sponsored podcasts with links to eg indie dyers, I have learned to tolerate the adverts or move on to listen to more independent voices.
It’s a whole new world!
At this rate I might have to buy a mobile device so I can listen to even more…