Nearly a week on – day 6 VCD

Well it’s been a pretty good start to the first cycle. Tiredness is the main issue as I’m not sleeping brilliantly even with the aid of sleeping tablets. And I’m only taking those on nights of desperation!
My worst night so far was on Friday. I’d been to the Marsden for my second velcade dose and driven home….all good really but by the time I’d got home i was dead to the world! And very very emotional! Lucky my boy was at a friends for tea and our neighbour had got Rebecca. She bought her home, saw the state of me and kept her for tea until nick got home…a real life saver.
Yesterday was better after a slightly better sleep and I even got out working a bit inthe garden. and made bread.
Anyway this morning we’ve had an early start to go to the christening of one of nicks cousins kids….hopefully won’t flake me out totally!