Natural Killer Cell trial at UAMS–Beacon updates

I have been reading up on the requirements for the natural killer cell trial in Little Rock.  Besides the levels of m-protein, bmb plasma cell core and aspirate levels, kappa/lambda light ratios being out of norms,  there are markers which require certain abnormalities in cytogenic levels be met to be included in the clinical trial.  I have limited knowledge of these and will have to write them down to relate them
in this blog.
Besides being concerned about meeting the requirements,  there is a requirement for a port being installed, which is somewhat of a concern, but not so bad that I cannot stand it.   There is a time period of monitoring after the infusion of enhanced cells back into your body which will require me to take an extended sick leave from work.   Frankly, other than being poked and prodded,  I would not mind being away from the office for a least a while.   I have practiced 24 yrs and am slightly burnt out.
In any event, I am a little nervous about next weeks annual checkup at UAMS, it is the not knowing what may be found which is nerve racking.

Also on the Myeloma Beacon  I have been reading some of the blogs and the serious updates from at least a few of the contributors therein.  It is sad, very sad to hear of people I have followed now having to choose Hospice care because there is not any other options for treatment left.  At least one person
has the Kappa- IGG light chain MM which is mine, my brother and my dads’ form of cancer.  This wonderful person has posted almost daily updates for years of their life and treatment, having had relapses and taking Carfizolmib, dex and revlimid in combination with other drugs over the course of
time since relapsing.  I can only hope for the best for them and ask each of you out there to read the Beacon daily and send out positive thoughts in their direction.