Name the Sea Monkeys!

Yesterday I got a comment on my Sea Monkey post asking me what their names are. That is an excellent question!

After I noticed there were five of them, I secretly named them after the members of the New Kids on the Block. I didn’t tell anyone, because I knew WCK would yell at me, and it was a nice secret between me and the Sea Monkeys. Then Donnie turned up pregnant, so that whole secret plan was ruined.

Then last night, WCK said the pregnant one’s name is “Mama.” Then this morning, she announced she had changed Mama’s name to “Pouchy.” I can’t bear to break this news to Mama/Pouchy, because I’m sure she’s pretty emotional and would probably cry if she found out we’d named her Pouchy.

So now I’m asking all of you. Can you come up with a name better than Pouchy? Or Donnie? Please post your names in the comment section here or on my Facebook page. (And speaking of the Facebook page, if you don’t “like” it yet, why not? Why? I like you.)