The 10 days – “nadir” after the last Vidaza jab, is past, and I think I am feeling better as I feel less fatigued. Knowing the specific effects of Vidaza, I watch out for the symptoms and respond accordingly. I realized for this cycle I was not feverish at the end, maybe because I drank lots of water and stayed indoor more. The days around the “nadir” I spend 50% of the time lying in bed but not doing nothing – I continued knitting, read the articles, forum and blogs on the myelomabeacon.com, talked on the phone with a new friend who has recurrent breast cancer gone to the bone and had spinal surgery done with 18 screws implanted!
She is very brave but in a lot of pain. Last weekend she had to be hospitalised for the pain management team to control the pain. Pain is debilitating – so bad that she could not eat and had to lay inbed most time. She waited and bore with the pain until the day of her appointment with the doc.

Sometimes we don’t know when something is so bad that we need to take action earlier. As cancer patients we need to be pro-active, we cannot allow a fever to go unchecked even a low grade fever can easily turn nasty, take the prescribed antibiotic diligently though we may think that we do not want to take more med on top of all the meds we are taking and the fever so low that our body can fight… but in reality our immunity is very poor or below average.