is changing its web hosting company.  We are sorry for any disruptions in service.  

Starting  on 1/9/2013 we will be changing our web hosting company and do not know what  type of inconvenience this will be to the multiple myeloma patient community.    We will be doing this ourselves so we want to apologize for any disruption to the site.  Like with many services we are one of the crummy old loyal customers and  the best rates are only reserved for those great new customers.  So rather than paying 3 times as much to Fat Cow we will be signing up for 3 years at iPage for the same price as one year at Fat Cow.  Sometimes things just don’t make sense, but it is what it is!

We have started the changeover and everything seem to have gone pretty well with one big exception.  We have lost the links to the Myeloma Blog from Google and Bing as well as all of the comments on the blog from our readers, but other links are OK.  We will work with iPage to reestablish the blog links in the next few days, but I am afraid the comments are gone forever.  We will keep you posted as the process progresses.  Thank you for your patients and understanding.

Best Regards/ Gary Petersen