has added a listing of Multiple Myeloma Specialists

The mission of is to provide the myeloma patient community with survival rate and life expectancy data by specialist and hospital.   The belief being this will provide  patients to find the best possible information for them to make informed data driven care decisions.   We have historically not listed doctors who have not submitted or published there data.  Some well respected myeloma speicallists  have said, ” instuitutional rules prohibit them from participating” , or  that they do not collect survival data or it will take some time to provide it in the format you have requested.   Some doctors also may choose not to participate, but are still considered by many to be exceptional Multiple Myeloma professionals.  So some doctors like Dr. Brian Durie, Dr. Ravi Vij, Dr. Anderson, Dr. Orlowski, and many more would never be listed on this site or listed much latter when their data becomes available.  Because this may then limit the choices provided by this site, we have decided  for the sake of the multiple myeloma patient community to provide this new list  for all of the doctors considers to be multiple myeloma speciallists. 

By no means is this a totally complete or inclusive list, but reflects only our best efforts to provide a more complete list of potentially skilled Multiple Myeloma doctors.  We have vetted the list as best we can with the limited resources available, however as always you are your own best advocate and therefore should do your own research and make your own best treatment decisions.  Doctors who have submitted data or have published their data are highlighted in black, and are also listed on the home page of with their survival rate statistics.    I believe those doctors that have provided data and use this data to help to improve their results though continuous improvements in their programs would be my first choice, because I always make my decisions guided by data and results(The Consumer Reports Approach).  Just click on the home button at the top of the page to view their data.  All of these doctors have adequately met the criteria that I outlined on the home page and in my blog post at the following link: This  listing is in alphabetic order.  Just click on this GO TO LIST

May God Bless your myeloma journey /Gary Petersen/