Myeloma’s Life Lessons Never Stop


Hello Everyone-
I’m alive! But still in the process of surviving this awful sinus crud that attacked me. The 40mg Dex-steroids from Monday have worn off, so I feel super blah, lousy, clogged, tired, weak, headachy, ouchy, and full of crud still. If you haven’t read my previous 4.14.18 post, (I just had to sneak in between the 8’s), please do. Gives you detail about what my “body of betrayal” has been putting me through recently. I’m still thinking about how “stupid” I was to break all my antibacterial protective rules for my daughter’s birthday weekend. Everyone says “it was so worth it Julie”… hhmmm me… not so sure :((

Each time someone talked to me, they spewed their cooties at me!

Duh! Lessons learned for sure:
1- don’t go to dance clubs/bars with masses of people when you are Neutropenic!
2- don’t go to restaurants, chancing massive cross contamination, when you are Neutropenic!
3- don’t go out in crowded places when your WBCs are barely 2.0, and your ANC is .81
4- don’t assume Zarxio Neupogen shots will magically make you “normal” and strong enough to battle off invasive cooties Julie.
4- don’t pretend to forget myeloma’s enormous impact on your life Julie, myeloma owns you.
5- don’t let your guard down again, you know the outcome. Your immune system is NOT normal and will Never be normal Julie. Accept. Accept. Accept…

Cooties, Germs, Cooties, Germs everywhere, out to get me!
Yep, I have to, have to, have to, accept I am a cancer patient. My body is not capable of protecting itself. I’m not normal any more. Haven’t been, most likely not since 2008. I have no doubt Myeloma was digging in, mutating out of control, and taking over, the 2 years before my Dec 30, 2009 diagnosis. Otherwise, how could I have had 70% cancer at diagnosis…
Yes, I go for so long not taking chances, then I do… and boom, reality slams me, and I’m a sickie. 
Within all this yuk, and sickness challenge, I do have some GOOD NEWS!! 
At my last Dr appointment, also my Darzalex infusion day April 9th, the Monday after my party it up weekend, just before I got sick… I received good news regarding my IgA roller coaster.

IgA not down a lot, but better a little Down, than Up!
Yep, have to accept Dex steroids help beat up my type myeloma
I’m IgA Lambda, so this looks ok
Better too low, than too high
Still No M Protein detected!
Here’s all my IG’s 
I haven’t heard back regarding my PET CT Scan… I think I’ll send an email…

Ok, I feel yucky, so today’s update is short and sweet. Thank you to all my invisible virtual readers for your interest in my crazy life story! Hoping your life is flowing smoothly, happily, rewarding and with as little drama as possible. I will never understand why things happen as they do… we don’t always have a choice in what happens to us, but we have a choice in how we handle all our challenges… I choose to be as happy, grateful, analytical, and forward thinking as I can, when I can. Feeling awful definitely challenges me, and I can get really frustrated and hopeless, but when the fog clears, I’m back to my fighting spirit.

Live happy, live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, 
with someone or something as often as you can!