#MyelomaAwarenessWeek Day 3

Yesterday Myeloma UK published a great video by another couple who live with myeloma in their lives. It’s well worth a watch if you didn’t catch it via my Facebook page. 

It talked about how you learn to live with the ‘new normal’ and I think that hit the nail on the head. People often say to me that they can’t believe how well I cope with things. But the reality now, seven years after my initial diagnosis, is that my life now is just what it is. There’s no point harping back to how it used to be for us, what could have been had I never got the diagnosis etc. 

We’re lucky. I often say that. I’ve lost too many friends to myeloma so you won’t catch me moaning (well not very often!) about our situation because it could have been so much worse. Our life is pretty good really….despite the myeloma. It does make us make decisions a little differently and what we choose won’t always be at others would expect, but other than that, life is just what it is. 

I am a firm advocate that you can either choose to be a victim or you can choose to deal. Don’t get me wrong…I am very aware that the journey for some people is bloody hard! But I do believe that you can choose the uphill path or the flat one depending on your attitude. Two of my closer myeloma friends, Pamela and Sandra, who have now devastatingly passed away, were a real inspiration to me and definitely took the decision not to be victims – they were positive right up to their last days. They taught me so much and I miss their common sense attitude and ability to see the good out of a terribly sad situation. But through that attitude, came the fact they brought up amazing families who continue to do them proud every day and who have also learnt that even when terrible things happen, you can choose whether to collapse or whether to live. I hope I can help to pass on that message.