#MyelomaAwarenessWeek 2016

So this week is #MyelomaAwarenessWeek and again, I am hoping to do my bit to make people aware not just of myeloma but also, of the charity Myeloma UK who do so much to support patients, carers and families.I know I tend to wax lyrical about them, but I honestly believe that the services that the charity has provided me with, have allowed me to deal with my diagnosis and learn to cope….I’ve found friends, educators and gained massive confidence. And I believe that they have helped many of my family and friends to cope too.

So for those of you who are newer friends of mine, or who haven’t been bombarded over the past 7 years since I was diagnosed, here are a few facts that might be useful on the first day of #Myelomaawarenessweek

*Myeloma is an incurable cancer of the bone.

*20% of patients die within the first 60 days due to a delay in diagnosis

*Myeloma is often overlooked due to the symptoms being fairly inconspicuous….back problems, tiredness etc – all those things that people associate with being a bit older, or sporting injuries etc.

If we can raise awareness of these symptoms then people can hopefully get their diagnosis early. And whilst no-one wants a diagnosis, it is widely believed in the medical world, that an early diagnosis means that treatment can start early, prevent bone damage and generally give a better quality of life, for longer. I’m all for that and will happily bombard family and friends with information – if I help just one person, I’ll be pleased.


As many people know, I am hoping to spend the next 9 months fundraising again. To date, with the help of family and friends, I have raised over £90,000. I am hoping to reach £100,000 through holding a cheese and wine event and undertaking other activities.

If my posts make you stop and think, perhaps you would like to sponsor me with my #finalcountdown, to support Myeloma UK and help make myeloma history. To do this, please either;

go to my just giving page


text ‘GASC75 £x’ to 70070

e.g ‘DEBG99 £5′ if you want to donate £5


Get in touch and let me know how you would like to help. If you fancy doing an event, you can set up a just giving page and then link to my team page to contribute!