Myeloma on the Move

Hello 2.18.18

Did you see my surprise, not on the 8’s previous post :)) Due to “popular demand” lol, I posted my update on the 14th for you. I had my Dr appointment and Darazlex on Monday Feb 12, and learned “myeloma’s on the move” again. Not huge, but a warning my warrior cells better get it together. As you can see (or saw), IgA is up about 200 points.

My IgA type of myeloma has always “roller-coastered”, and often quickly escalates super high, but also responds to treatment quickly too. Pretty shocking that my IgA was over 4100 a year ago, so my current 715 is just a “head’s up” that perhaps monthly Darzalex is “too weak” a treatment for me, and hopefully I can go back to 2x per month. I also committed to taking my weekly 20mg steroids consistently, as sometimes I “cheat”, and take less. I’ve done this previously, as I had hoped that less Dexamethasone would suffice in taming myeloma, since there are so many side effects from continuous use of steroids. I’ve been on Dex steroids continually since mid 2013 now. 4.5 years!

But so far my body organ and blood chemistry labs are good, and I’m careful to watch my carbs and sugars, as I certainly don’t want to become Diabetic from all the steroids :(( The other good news from my recent Labs, is that my M Protein is not measurable.

IgA up from 519
Looks ok. I’d rather be low, than high

Thrilled to be holding steady on the “No” M Protein!
And finally, doing several days of Zarxio (Neupogen), took care of my Neutropenia quickly, and I went from a low of .8, to in the normal range of 2.97 . I am still VERY cautious, and live as if I’m Neutropenic all the time. Just too many cooties out there for this immune compromised cancer patient! 
Our hearts are still so sad about losing our adorable white Lab doggie Paws (see previous posts), and I’ve been looking continually online for a rescue Labrador that needs a home, but sadly we haven’t found a match yet. There’s also a part of me, with my and my hubby Jim’s continuing health issues, I’m thinking that “less is more” at this time of our lives, and maybe we’ll just stick with the 3 girls. But then again, I want to rescue another life, that needs a home, as we have always done…
3 happy girl doggies
Abbie misses Pawsy, but she’s enjoying being inside
2013, after a doggie event, 
and just before, or as myeloma was roaring back

Live happy, live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, 
with someone or something as often as you can