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Hello loyal readers-

Perhaps you’re weary of my philosophical musings of my ongoing suffering? (Me too LoL!) I noticed there weren’t any comments on my previous post. Must have been the “Fungus” analogy :) I read a lot of blogs and don’t always leave comments, so not to worry! Please know that I really appreciate all the visits from all over the world. I’m fascinated, amazed and appreciative when I view my blog Stats and see the visits from around the globe, and see who’s reading my posts from where. Thank you for caring about my life, my situation, my status, my posts and my myeloma musings!

I do love when you leave me a note, letting me know you’ve stopped by to read about my life, as I care very much about you and your life and what brought you to my blog. I have readers email me that they have had difficulty posting, or the blog losing/deleting their comment after they click to post. Here’s what I do when I respond to blogs: I make sure to copy my text before I click post, so just in case the blog deletes your post, you still have your comment saved in memory. This particular Google based blog requires an identity, so log in however you’d like, write your thoughts to me, copy your text, and click post. If it doesn’t post first time round, you have your text saved to post again, now that you are signed in. Just a thought, in case you’ve had my blog delete your comment, after you’ve posted. I really do want to hear from you, hear your story and know where you are from!

If you’re reading my blog you either know me personally and know this is the best way to know my status (physically and mentally) or you’ve stumbled upon it looking up info related to Multiple Myeloma. That’s how I originally found all the wonderful blogs out there. I Googled in Myeloma, and boom! found a tremendous wealth of information related to everything myeloma! I continue to read and read and read about everything myeloma, as information about this cancer that invaded my life never ceases to fascinate me. So here are some great links I’ve found, that will help you interpret your blood tests, give you more detail about myeloma and some other general links I read often, such as the MMRF, IMF, Myeloma Beacon, Myeloma Crowd, etc. I also have quite a few blog links to the right of my blog, as well as at the very bottom of the blog page. So much information out there now! 

This is a great site that explains all the details of (all types) of lab work:  

Myeloma drugs and medications, news, support groups, etc:

Depending upon your life perspective, this TV article may comfort or offend you. Personally, when my life is done, and myeloma has COMPLETELY taken over my body and I have absolutely NO hope of survival, I personally do not want to needlessly suffer and just be a “live corpse”. The idea of having NO control over my life, my body, my functions and being in excruciating pain, scares me. Perhaps I am more comfortable with death and passing-on than many, as I’ve had to make this decision more times than I can count for all our animals, who’s life was essentially over, but their body would not yet let them go. It’s just so awful and tragic to watch needless end of life suffering. I have experienced horrendous Colic situations with our horses, Cancer with our dogs, disabling Strokes with our dogs and cats, etc. When one is suffering and there is absolutely NO hope of recovery, and that life is suffering needlessly, it is time to let go and say good bye peacefully. Just my personal opinion, which of course may change when I get to that point. 
Here are a few links related to a person’s right to make a MEDICAL end of life choice:
Today was my 6th Kyprolis infusion for the month. I think my veins are beginning to protest this treatment, and I fear the possibility of having to accept a Port or Picc. Why fear this? Check my 2010 Stem Cell Transplant complication, when my Hickman Catheter became septic and the sepsis nearly did me in… I just hate being sick, and try to be so very cautious, and having a Port or Picc invites cooties and germs to invade more easily. Yes having a needle stick several times each week has it’s dangers too, but at least it’s removed after each chemo infusion, and I can wash and wash and wash freely (especially considering my animal care-taking life style :)
Monday brought 2 needle sticks, trying to find a happy healthy vein. Tuesday brought 3 needle sticks. I appreciate all that the chemo nurses do to make the infusions painless, and I know they feel very bad when our veins aren’t cooperating. My February Flu “Fungus” really affected me, and my body hasn’t normalized quite yet. I’m trying to eat well and hydrate hydrate hydrate. But it’s all such an effort for me. 

Such a lovely picture of me :( I have a bruise like this on both hands. My hands make me look so old and ancient. Myeloma has taken such a toll on me. But forward I march, one day at time, one infusion at a time, grateful for all the expert medical care I receive to keep myeloma suppressed. 
So thankful that I can tolerate Kyprolis 
as it is effectively attacking and targeting myeloma for me.
I’ve heard there are many patients that are not able to tolerate Kyprolis
for a variety of strong side effect issues
I think my good ol friend Dexamethasone is back to 
beating up myeloma too! I’ll have my new stats after
my March 28th appointment. 

We’ve had heat then rain, then heat and rain. Just love the intense colors after the earth is refreshed after rain. I am very fortunate to feel well enough a few days a week, to be able to get outside and enjoy nature’s beauty! 
When I feel up to it, I juice these fabulous tangerines. Delish! 
We’re hoping when Mr Tortoise comes out of hibernation
he’ll like this natural “salad” nature has suddenly grown in our garden! 
Thank you for reading and caring and being interested in my Myeloma story! 

Live happy,
live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, with someone or something
as often as you can!