Myeloma Blogs Request

This post is directed to those of you monitoring the Myeloma Blogs.  Thank you in advance for all of you that have been reading my blog over the past few years.  I made a decision when I went in for my harvest in 2010 (and lost all my hair) that if I was going to lose my hair again I would collect some money for myeloma research.  Well I’m scheduled for my bone marrow transplant on the 28th of January, which means by February I’ll be bald again.  So in advance of that, I’m Promoting Global Hair Loss!

If you have any friends that would be willing to help raise funds for the Myeloma Research Foundation or if they want to raise funds for a local organization please have them get in touch with me at  I’d like to get as many fundraising events as possible going on the same weekend – all to raise funds to fight multiple myeloma.  The weekend I’ve scheduled is the 18th and 19th of January.
I have a page on my blog with details at this link.  I also have a Facebook page (public, no need to be a fbook member) with details on events already scheduled.  The link is here.  So far, I’ll be shaving my head (along with a few friends) in NYC and I have others in Boston, Vermont, Washington DC, Charlotte, NC, Hong Kong and Zurich.  I’m trying to confirm other locations in the UK, Hong Kong, Baltimore, MD and Phoenix, AZ.  I’m hoping to get some friends in Australia and Singapore as well.
More importantly, I’m hoping to get some new friends via the group of people that have been fighting this disease and who may be able to help coordinate events in their locale.  Again, my efforts are directly benefitting The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (my donation board is here) but I’m happy to promote any event for any myeloma or cancer research that will happen that weekend.
Thanks in advance for everyone’s help!