My sorrows are undone

I’ve gotten a little behind in posting the Backstreet Boy of the Week. I know everyone must be getting pretty impatient for the next installment. In my defense, we were on vacation in South Dakota for about 10 days and didn’t have WiFi much of the time. Don’t worry; I’m still hard at work on my research project. Just last night I downloaded about $7 worth of Backstreet Boys songs from iTunes and listened to them all afternoon, even while WCK voiced her irritation: “WHEN ARE WE GOING TO STOP LISTENING TO THE BACKSTREET BOYS, MOMMY? THEY ARE BOTHERING ME!”
I did not give in. Nothing will keep me from my valuable research. Nothing!
It turns out that I actually like most of their songs. The tunes are so catchy that it’s easy to overlook awkward lyrics such as, “I’ll be the one, I’ll be the one, who will make all your sorrows undone!”
Anyway, here is the BSBOTW: Brian!

He is another elderly one, six weeks older than I am. He’s a born-again Christian and was born with a heart defect which required surgery in 1998. After that, he started a foundation for kids with heart problems. Aw. That’s nice.