My Reishi Mushroom Experiment Part 3

This is an ongoing experiment that begun when I decided I wanted to try Reishi mushrooms to help with rising cancer marker number earlier this year. I explain how this all came about in detail in Part 1. If you’ve been following my progress then you might remember that my KFLC number began to drop, which is good, and was recorded to be at 50.90 mg/dl.

I couldn’t be happier when I got the news that this was working. I got the news a few days after my follow up with my oncologist. It takes a day or two to get back the results from the KFLC test. All other labs are ready within the hour and I am able to discuss those results during the follow up appointment. During the follow up visit, a few days before getting my KFLC labs back, my oncologist notified me that my iron was low and that I should start taking an iron supplement. For some reason a red flag went up in my mind because I thought I read somewhere that iron might fuel cancer. I mentioned it my doctor but he sort of brushed it off. So that day I started taking an iron supplement three times a day. Why am I mentioning this? Well, something fueled my cancer. Perhaps it was stress, I really don’t know and I was unable to find anything to support my theory about iron fueling multiple myeloma cancer. Had a heck of a time the last couple of months trying to figure out what was causing a whole lot of bad symptoms recently. In the process, I finally got my high blood pressure under control and my thyroid problems seem to have ceased because I am beginning to feel better even though I found out my KFLC numbers have increased.

The results came in and my KFLC number was 70.00 mg/dl. The range is (0.33 – 1.94 mg/dl). Last months reading was 50.90 mg/dl. So it went up 20.90 mg/dl. Labs done 06/11/2012.

Labs, kflc on bottom… Click image for larger version. 

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Something else happened that I should mention. On the lab report it states “Slight Hemolysis.” I looked it up and found that it means that my RBC’s were broken or ruptured. What causes that to happen? Two things can cause it. One cause is a type of anemia and the second cause can be improper specimen collection. I spoke to my oncologist about it and was told it was not necessary to re-do my labs. I researched this s further and I learned that some blood work readings can be off if this happens. I thought I should have got a do over but I didn’t get one. I will have to wait until August to do blood work again.

I’m going with my gut feeling and discontinuing the iron supplements (Doctor says okay to stop) and try harder to keep my stress levels down. I will continue taking the Reishi mushrooms. Everything else I am doing the same besides starting a new blood pressure medication, dropping the L-Arginine, increasing dose of Armour Thyroid, and snacking on apricot seeds here and there. Thank you for reading, I’ll report next labs in August.