My Raccoon LOVE Eggs- And a Fun Raccoon Story From the Past

I had some eggs that were getting ready to expire, so put them out for my babies.  It was quite amusing to watch.  Mom very easily broke into each egg and sucked them out. (first pic)

Her kids, on the other hand, had no such patience.  They’d break the eggs and lick up the goop on the ground. (2nd pic)

Thought I’d share this old story with y’all….. About 25 years ago, Dom and I were camping in Grayton Beach, Florida.  Of course, I paid no attention to the multiple warning signs to LOCK COOLERS because of raccoon.

On our first night, we packed a small cooler of beer and took a midnight dip in the light of a full moon.

When we got back, our cooler was open!  “Dominic!  Someone has stolen our beer!”


Raccoon had stolen our eggs, bacon, steaks and anything else they could get their little hands on.

There they were on our picnic table feasting away.  Funny.

That night, we were in our tent when Dom looked up and gasped.  There was the shadow of a big fat raccoon balanced on a tree branch right above the tent.  Glad he had good footing…. he would have ripped us up…. If not just the tent.