My Own Private Glasto

There is something good to be said about Giant TV after all:  it allows me to create my own private Glastonbury Festival!
Imagine if you will:  FL asleep in the corner, and me on the sofa, with my knitting and a mug of coffee.
Glasto is on the tv, and I am sneaking up the volume little by little until I am THERE!  Right there!  Bounce, bounce, bounce!
Luckily, FL could sleep through the Zombie Apocalypse.
Actually…  maybe it IS the Zombie Apocalypse!
Word of warning:  lace knitting doesn’t mix well with bouncing!
So yeah, I am having a blast here in festival-land :D
I have pushed myself to keep the weeds in check in the herb garden, and today threw a load of “wildflower meadow” seeds at the gaps. 

After finishing the Willowherb Socks, I picked up my Ronaes Shawl and made a start on the lace.
I can’t get over how different mine looks to my knitting-friend’s version.  I must see if I can get pictures of the two side by side.  She is using 4mm needles and a rich turquoise silky yarn.  Hers is elegant and refined.  I am using 5mm needles and shetland handspun, a two-ply laceweight that absolute reeks of sheep-in-the-rain, and it is coming up at least twice as big.  It is very very rustic!

Thank you all so much for the reading suggestions.  I have added all the ones I haven’t read to my library reservations list (online and free – woo hoo!) so am looking forward to a summer of good books.  I was incredibly lucky that my local village branch had Codename Verity on the shelf, waiting for me, so I snapped that up and brought it home with me yesterday

No sewing this weekend.  I need some thinking time.
Right… where was I?
Watch this:  Daughter.