My new kindred spirit – Shawn visits September 17 2011

Through my blog, a 52 year old woman by the name of Shawn contacted me. She also has been recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma. She is about 1 month behind me in treatment and will be admitted to have her stem cell transplant on October 11th. Shawn came by this evening to visit with Jani and me. We discovered we have the same birthday, DECEMBER 8th which surely makes us kindred spirits. She just lost her hair last week too.
Shawn is headed to Italy for a short vacation before her stem cell transplant. Sure enjoyed her visit.
Now, that I have shingles that are not crusted over, I’ve been placed in contact isolation. I cannot leave the room and everyone coming in has to wear a yellow gown (note, Shawn is wearing hers as a cape just for the photo) and blue gloves.