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  • Karen shoulder emergency visit
    Written Apr 3, 2012 6:45am
    Karen has really been complaining with her shoulder hurting for last 2 weeks. Several family members have suggested I take her back to surgeon in Bham. I knew she would need to make that call as she is very independent. So yesterday, Monday,  was the bell south call to the bull pen. She called the Doc in Bham and appt was set for 3:30. I had chemo appt in Chattanooga. Therefore, I blitzed on up to nooga, had the chemo blast (do love the smell of chemo in the morning) and picked Karen up on way back and headed to Bham.


    Xray showed the operation was a total success and all was well with that part. Bone scar tissue has built up where the break occurred. This build up has created a rough spot coupled with the nerves coming back has made this very uncomfortable. The Doc said you scared me about coming down here on  emergency type appt and Karen said yes I was the one scared and hurting.

    Doc told her to leave off the rehab which was making things more tender. Also told her she could do anything she wished at this point and would not need to come back to see him, She is released from care. Good news all way around…she was much relieved!!!

    We both had felt she would need some sort of surgical adjustment based on the pain and bump. But we worried for nothing. Kind of like life..90% of what we worry about never happens

    Well it seems the economy is doing fine .. must be an election year. Or it could be Karen and I are at some form of medicals services outlet ie; doctors, dentists, surgeons, orthodontists, obgyn, emergency rooms, pediatricians, primary care providers, oncologists, heart specialists, labcorps and general practitioners.

    Not to mention as our President Cesar says, “BIG OIL” in my tank as we travel to these sites mentioned above. No wonder gas is so high. Speaking of which, as much whining that goes on about gas prices… the roads are packed with traffic…not talking about going to and fro work …talking about all day and night non stop traffic all 7 days of the week. The economy really is strange.

    Me, the labs are still good and getting around very well.. now that Karen is released and the dog from hell is well,  may start back to the golfing routine,,,somebodys got to do it right!
    No wine review as to early in the day.

    Cheers from Valleyhead