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Saturday, November 20, 2010 1:34 PM, CST

3 month checkup from Little Rock

Soory for the late post but Karen and I left LR yesterday afternoon and were late getting back home.


This week I was poked, stuck, rolled, ridiculed and analyzed …. and all this before I left the apartment to go to the hospital for tests.
My wife makes sure I am fit for dress code. My appointments started at 7;30 AM so as I was turning the door knob on the front door, my wife says “Did you wash your hair?” Now as most of you might know this is NOT a question but a direct Instruction. So I pry my fingers from the door knob , get un-dresssed and go wash my hair.

Now you must understand, I am going to be shoved and packed into an MRI machine, have my buttocks exposed for a bone marrow pull and many other tests for the next 9 hours at the hospital. My thinking is 99.9% of the attendants are not going to be discussing my hair style. However, to have a happy wife I do the deed , get re-dressed, move towards the door and tell her bye ..see you tonight. She then says, Mark did you shave? My Smith heritage then kicked in and I answered, “hell no I haven’t shaved and ain’t going too …you’re dismissed!

Anyway, got to hospital and was again stuck, rolled, stuffed, turned, aspirated, analysed, scrutinised, advised and taped. This was over an 8 hour period.

As before, as many months ago, I was asked the strangest question. It was in bone marrow pull procedure. You must get this picture to appreciate the question.

The patient, that’s me, is lying on his stomach with his butt bare and exposed towards the ceiling. The technician has proceeded to fit a round cylinder through your skin and hip bone into the bone marrow beneath.

As you can imagine this is quite painful. It feels like a 220 volt of electricity going in your legs. As the tech starts his second pull of marrow from my body the other nurse asks this question…. “Mr. Freeman when did you first lose your hair from the chemo treatments?”

Truly being at a loss for words , breath and general sanity at this moment….I finally said “I can’t recall”… I guess that is what was said as I was again having a” Smith” moment. It is amazing what happens at the most inopportune moments of life.

Enough of this rant..the good Lord has again blessed my family with results from heaven. My cancer is still in “complete remission” and all is well. So the Doc says we will continue as planned.

We were fortunate to spend valuable time with many friends in LR this visit. We had a grand time visiting with Debbie and Tom McCullough and a great lunch with Kathy and Bob Payjec.

Please continue to remember us in your prayers and happy Thanksgiving to all.