MY Myeloma Blog by Mark 2011-10-31 20:53:00

Thursday, August 5, 2010 4:57 PM, CDT

From Little Rock:

Dr. N came in said “all tests are good then smiled and said “you are now in complete remission!!!

“How sweet the name of Jesus sounds in a believers ear!”

Thank all for prayers and thoughts through this long year. We have reached the end of the tunnel and will continue on maintenance for the next 3 years. No problem to me!!

Karen and I will be going home in the morning.

This great news was bitter sweet as my buddy in Myeloma fighting, Tom MCCullough was hospitalized this week and has been diagnosed as having Leukemia. We spent some time with he and Debbie today. Please keep him and his precious family in your prayers. He will be in Little Rock for months fighting this new development.

Karen and I will be back in Little Rock for another check up in 3 months and to find the best eating joints. Today we found the best hamburger in town at Burger Mama’s . The name and the shack the sign is attached to, almost drove us away but …best dang burger I have eaten in years. Service was great…2 Mexicans with baseball hats reversed on their head were really humping it. And clean rate it an overall 9.

Tonight it is time to do the wine rating…since Karen and I are going to go eat Italian to celebrate ..I have opened a bottle of Chateau Vieux Moulins de Chereau 2005…very tart on the front, but has a good finish. And since I still have not regained taste from the chemo…that’s about it. rating 89MAF .. 15 bucks


  • DON’T GET IT …political candidates spending MILLIONS on a job that pays under 100K
  • Rangel needs to go
  • Can I quit paying taxes? right
  • Pelosi and Harry need to go; hell they all need to go
  • Temperature on the tarmac in Little Rock was 137 degrees..that’s hot
  • Pray for my Uncle CJ and his cancer treatments

Well enough of my rants.

Praise God for all mercies he sends our way.