MY Myeloma Blog by Mark 2011-10-31 20:47:00

Thursday, April 29, 2010 5:55 PM, CDT

Hello all.

It has been a great and beautiful day in Little Rock … I played golf this AM (someone has to do it, so I did) .. ..then met with Doc at 1:00PM.

My disease has not changed (progressed), the protein markers are now non-existent (this is great news), the myeloma in the bone marrow is 2-3 percent (this is good) lesions are healing and no new myeloma was found in pet /mri scans. So we are slowly trudging our way to remission.

What this means, we go to the next stage… 3 year maintenance…low dose chemo and other drugs to kill what is left. Sounds good to me. All of this will be done at HOME!

Went to 7C to see Bob and Bobby Anderson … had not seen them for several months..just got an email he will be released to go home tomorrow hopefully. You go Bob!!

While there I asked all my old nurses at the nurses station (about 10) if they could draw my blood for practice before I went into heart Afib…got a big laugh. Good to see all those wonderful people. They are my heroes.

My hair is coming back..white on my on head..letting it go..look homeless..I wonder if I could qualify for some govornment program now???

Enough of medicine.

Tonight I am reviewing a bottle of Chateau Gigault Cuvee 2005…very hearty..smooth..good bite on tongue..thats about it since I still cannot taste or smell !!! rate it a 89MAF
Karen and I are going to eat Razorback pizza tonight ..will review it later.

Do not know if I should write this but…

Back in 71, I played baseball at ABAC and of course went to college there..great place…had a cafeteria pass which was lunch every day… the cooks made big rolls about the size of softballs…one day Sparky Wilson and I planned a food fight…we positioned ourselves at opposite sides of the lunchroom..the plan was he would lob a roll towards me and I would lob one towards him…we both had about 10 rolls each on our tray..

So here comes his lob and then my lob back..after 4 lobs everybody in the place is throwing food, trays, chairs and anything they can get their hands on…sensing this thing is getting out of control , Wilson and I ease out the exit and watch the festivities from the outside…after about 5 to 10 minutes of complete mayhem..the police show up..all the doors are locked and they start arresting folks. Since Wilson and I are on the outside looking in we just start walking back to the dorms..laughing of course.


  • Crist of Florida is nuts
  • Mayor of San Francisco is nuts..I am boycotting CA
  • Now that Health care is official..I sleep better .. I know you do
  • God please continue to bless this country..we need it!!
  • California needs to secede from the union and become part of balance the budget

Enough of my rant…