MY Myeloma Blog by Mark 2011-10-31 19:55:00

Friday, August 6, 2010 5:43 PM, CDT

We are home in our own nest!

The drive home wasn’t too bad. Mark is tired but joyful. He was very ready to get out of the car – sitting for 7 hours after the bone marrow test is not very comfortable.

Dr. N ask for Mark to “please” continue the daily chemo – it is working. We know that this treatment is very controversial in the cancer community, but we have seen the positive results with our own eyes. We are believers. It is very hard but successful. We are thanking the dear Lord for every wonderful day he blesses us with.

Please continue to pray for our friends Tom and Debbie. Mark and I can not imagine the disappointment and discouragement they are experiencing. I am attaching his Caring bridge link, if any of you would like to share their journey.

Thank you all for your unending love and support. It has been so precious to us both.