MY Myeloma Blog by Mark 2011-10-31 19:46:00

Monday, April 26, 2010 10:10 PM, CDT

We are back in Little Rock.

The drive was nice, a little rain and cloudy, but great weather when we got to Little Rock. It was so neat to see the rice fields being planted and all the beautiful spring flowers. Of course Mark had to stop and talk to two Purple Martin guys, on in western Alabama and one in Arkansas. They have a consensus on why the birds were late this year, too cold.

Mark has test scheduled for the next two days and then will see the doc on Thursday. Hopefully we will be back home on Friday. These test are just to see how controlled the myeloma is and make sure he is ready for maintenance.

We hated to have to drive out, not just because of the trip, but because 3 of the patients we know have contracted pneumonia while here and are still combating it. It is a bit scary. Mark has promised to wear his mask religiously!

The last few weeks have found Mark feeling much better and he has a bit of peach fuzz on his head. We are taking bets on what color it will be. As of now it looks very white.

We are very thankful that he has tolerated the treatments so well. He is of good stock!! Hopefully he will handle the maintenance in like manner and be back to his old sweet self soon.

Hola to our precious boys, Susi, Pilar, and Fede – knowing you are having so much fun together.

Saturday night was very stressful in Alabama and over the Southeast, as we were under the threat of tornadoes. One hit very close to Katie and Mark’s cabin, they are fine, but Mark’s folks, Glenda and Dan were visiting and were staying in a cabin up from Katie and Mark. The tornado came right beside their cabin, knocking over trees and exploding the trailer park next door. They had trees on their roof and around their car. It took all day to get the car cut out, but it miraculously didn’t have any damage. Needless to say their visit to Alabama was very exciting and thankfully they were not injured.

Many people have lost so much – they have been in our prayers.

It was so nice to get to see friends while we were home and precious to hear all their well wishes for us. It certainly humbles you to think so many people have you in their thoughts and prayers. The good Lord has truly blessed us.